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“What can be accomplished during the Immersive?”

That’s a question we get all the time.  But the real question should be,


“What can be accomplished after?”  

Our Acting, Music and Dance Immersive programs are designed to give access and training from the industry’s elite professionals. It is a rare opportunity to engage, train, build relationships, be mentored and take these invaluable lessons with you when the program ends.

Success can be defined in many ways, but here we offer you some examples of how some of our participants built upon what they’ve learned, and took themselves to new career levels.


Check out the testimonials below from just some of our alumni to find out more about their experience on Hollywood Immersive, and read what Eva Mendes has to say about her scholarship opportunity.


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Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes


“It is a dream of mine to be able to offer this kind of invaluable education to young actors from all walks of life, not just the ones who can afford to come to the US to study. That’s why I have decided to set up the Eva Mendes Scholarship in association with Hollywood Immersive – offering an invaluable opportunity and experience to a young person who dreams of being an actor, but who wouldn’t otherwise have the exposure or opportunity to do so”



Hollywood immersive challenged me and gave me an opportunity to hone in on and really work on my craft as an actor. Thanks to my time spent on the Program I discovered extra potential in my skills and range as an actor, which I would have not likely been able to do otherwise. If anyone were to ask me if my time spent on the course was worth it I would tell them without a doubt that it definitely was. Through Hollywood Immersive I learnt things that I truly would have not learnt anywhere else and made life long friends.  Rahart Adams

Rahart Adams
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Lynn Gilmartin 1

Lynn Gilmartin

“My Hollywood Immersive experience was the ride of a lifetime! After 15 years of neglecting my urge to act, I decided to throw myself in the deep end to resurrect a childhood passion. I started the program like a nervous mouse feeling overwhelmed with the unknown of what was to come. From the very first moment the program began, that feeling flipped upside down and I felt like I was beaming from within throughout the entire week. I learned so much about the craft, the industry and about myself. I surprised myself every day thanks to the supportive guidance of Lilly and the teachers at Beverly Hills Playhouse, as well as the intimate sessions at the house with speakers sharing priceless insight into their perspective of the entertainment industry. I am bursting with gratitude and excitement for all that this program has done for me. I am proud to say I am officially ready to pursue my acting career.” 

Matt Testro

Hollywood Immersive was a fantastic program that gave me the confidence and knowledge that I can now apply to my acting career.  I would never have had the opportunities and experiences that I have had if it were not for this program. I'd recommend it to all actors, both experienced and new to the profession.  It really helped me to get my foot in the door in the industry and gave me the confidence and kick start I needed to really get my career going.  Since Hollywood Immersive, and through Hollywood Immersive, I was able to get signed with Untitled Entertainment in Los Angeles, upon returning to Australia after HI I landed a lead role in the Nowhere Boys TV Series which has since won an International Emmy award and two Logie awards, and I've completed my first US feature film Eden. I am now currently a regular on Neighbours.  


Lilly continues to support me even after the program has finished.

Matt Tresto 1
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Rachel Kim Cross 1

Rachel Kim Cross

Hollywood Immersive is such a magical and life changing experience! I have done the program twice in a row! 

Both times I have been challenged, inspired and the program has opened so many doors in the industry here than I could have ever imagined. Working at the Beverly Hills Playhouse is always a personal highlight for me, performing for top industry professionals and the wonderful friends I’ve made here has made this experience truly exceptional. My first experience in LA gave me the confidence and drive to see my acting dreams turn into a reality, my second experience in LA was spectacularly overwhelming! I have signed with a top US manager and agent and now moving to LA! I am so excited my dream is becoming my reality and Lilly Dawson helped make this all possible. Lilly is a fantastic mentor, wonderful friend and I can't wait to get back here. 

Edward Skaines

The Hollywood Immersive program, I can confidently say is the perfect avenue for anyone actor that is brave, courageous and ready to act on the bold commitment they have chosen of being an actor. It is a platform that you can come to truly put your dedication and hunger to the test. You are given an ultimatum - ‘Yes, I want this and I will do everything in my power to achieve my goals’. Or ‘No, I’m not willing to risk everything to make my dreams become a reality, and I will not get on the plane’. 

Edward Skaines 1
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Jayde McVeigh 1

Jayde McVeigh

I completed Hollywood Immersive in January 2013. The Immersive changed my way of thinking it gave me hope and confidence in myself to dream BIG. It gave me the tools and knowledge to work towards making that dream, that vision a reality. Those intense 8 days broke through and eliminated fears & doubts that were holding me back from achieving my full potential.

A common theme throughout Hollywood immersive was to create a vision.  Throughout the eight days my vision became a lot clearer.

I have a completely different outlook on my future as an artist after Music Immersive, I am positive, extremely confident and humbled.

Michelle Trewartha

"My experience with Hollywood Immersive exceeded all my expectations. The presenting workshop was run by the best in the business and each day our schedule was jam-packed with practical training and information, as well as sessions with some of Hollywood's top TV presenters. We were also given the opportunity to showcase our skills to some of America's top casting agents and producers. I returned with all the tools to help make my dreams a reality and five months later I was offered my big break as a sports reporter with Channel Ten! Thank you Hollywood Immersive for all your support, I couldn't have done it without you!!”

Michelle Trewartha 1
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Belbel 1


"Music Immersive provided me with a vast array of knowledge about the music industry, from the glory to the hardships. The lessons I have learned have been invaluable in kick starting my music career."

The Program covered many topics across the spectrum, providing me with an immense foundation of knowledge. 

As a result, my craftsmanship as a musician, writer and now producer has improved dramatically. – Belbel

Rachel Costanzo

Hollywood Immersive helped me to develop the tools required to prepare for the industry. I had the opportunity to meet with other accomplished and professional artists, from whom I was able to gain a great deal of knowledge about the industry and who helped me to gain confidence in my own ability to move forward. I was effectively mentored and provided with the tools to transition smoothly into an eventful artistic career, full of opportunities to follow my dreams in the fields of both music and acting.

The opportunity that Hollywood Immersive provided me was a solid foundation and networking tools to move forward in the industry. Through the immersion element of the program, I came to realize that writing and performing music was my passion and what I want to be doing for the rest of my life.

Rachel Costanzo 1
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Anna O

Anna O

Hollywood Immersive was the journey as an artist that changed from an idea into a reality.

Writing and performing original music is all I've ever wanted to do, and for some reason I just knew that doing this program would broaden my perspective and give me the tools I needed to come home and make it happen. Staying in touch with Lilly has helped me keep my sights on the American market also, and with the help of some US contacts I have managed to secure the interest of a booking agent with offices in multiple American cities. The thing with Hollywood Immersive is that they don't do all the work for you, but they equip you with the skills you need to do it yourself and go to every effort to help you build the relationships you need to do it really well.

Velveteen Jones

Hollywood immersive has heavily influenced my solo career and confidence in creating art, using branding, self motivation, stage presence & confidence. I am ever so grateful to Lilly and the team for turning me away from negative thoughts! 

Hollywood immersive has enhanced me as an artist. I walked out a new person with this incredible drive towards my future path and I would have recommended it to anyone looking to move forward either as an artist/aspiring artist or just in their own confidence. 

Velveteen Jones 1
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Angie McMahon

Angie McMahon

"Music Immersive was truly a phenomenal experience, and a significant stepping stone in my musical career. In one week, I was provided with years of knowledge and an incredible boost of motivation, confidence and determination. I still marvel at the effect that Music Immersive has had on my life, and enjoy the close friendships that I found with the other musicians. Lilly Dawson has continued to be an incredibly supportive figure in for me. After soaking up the Music Immersive week, I took part in a competition called Telstra Road to Discovery, where I was won the opening support slot for Bon Jovi's upcoming Australian tour!"

Raymond Jaquez

The Hollywood Immersive energy gave me the piece I was missing to succeed.

Thanks to the wonderful work of the entire team at Hollywood Immersive I got the missing ingredient, "Constancy with a Plan".  It's been a year since I finished Music Immersive and my successes have multiplied since then. In 2014 I wanted to apply the most valuable thing I learned in Music Immersive, so I started to create opportunities instead of waiting.

My path is clear now thanks to Hollywood Immersive my confidence is well accompanied by values such as perseverance.

Raymond Jaquez 1

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